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OTF Knives, or open-the-tangle knife, usually has a fixed blade that opening and closing through a fixed hole on one end of the handle. Compare this to most other knives, which tend to be either regular (for pocket) knives or are fixed blade sheath knives. The difference between an OTF knife and a fixed blade knife is that the latter can be opened and closed with the help of the handle while the former needs the use of the side of the hand as leverage. This leverage can be provided by means of a bar, or by using a spring loaded mechanism. It can even be made to open and close by pressing a button on the handle itself.


OTF Knives and switchblades are usually interchangeable, and are often available with interchangeable blades as well. OTF Knives are more often used for cutting, carving, and carving. A common feature of OTF knives is that they have a larger opening holes than those of traditional pocket knives. This allows them to be used with a much wider variety of objects, including; coins, wooden frames, paper, rubber tubing, and other thin-gauge materials.


An OTF knife from this storewill most likely be manufactured with a conventional type of handle, such as a clip or pin, or will feature some other form of groove or slot for the knife's blade to slide into. The handle will be constructed out of a variety of materials, including; carbon fiber, titanium, gold, brass, and more. Some models of OTF knives will also have slip rings or flaps at the top or bottom of the knife's handle, in order to secure the blade to the handle when not in use, and to prevent the knife from "snapping" when it comes open.


Slider knives are another very popular type of OTF knife. In these cases, the actual knife blade does not slide on a frame through the hole in the handle, but is held in position by a specially designed grooved slide. These types of knives can be either single-edged or double-edged, and will most often feature a thumb stud or a blade locking device. This makes them very effective for opening soft or pliable materials, such as rope, twine, rubber tubing, leather, or carpet, and many sliders will allow you to open these materials by only pressing a small lever.


One of the main differences between OTF gravity knives and other models is the way they operate. In gravity knives the blade, or the "slab", is stationary and is comprised of a straight, continuous strip of metal. The actual knife is much like the scissors blade, except that it has been precision-cut from a.50 caliber bullet.You may further read about knives at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade.


Slide systems, on the other hand, work on a sliding principle. These devices function more or less like a zipper, and when open, the blade extends out and clicks into place against the handle. These types of OTF knives, if made of strong and flexible materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and other lightweight metals, will have an extremely tight fit into the handle of your chosen tactical knife. Because they have a closed design, when the blade is open they are very easy to deploy, but once the blade is closed the lock up mechanism is not as effective. Because this type of knife is designed for quick, single action deployment, the lock up mechanism is really only needed during times when the knife is open and not when it is closed. Be sure to check out here!